Water Use Efficiency Research Activities

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MWDOC’s water use efficiency department participates in a variety of research activities. These research projects allow us to design and implement more effective water use efficiency programs that benefit all end users. Click on the links below to learn more about our current and past water use efficiency research activities.

Water Loss Management Program Assessment Report (2010)
Water Loss Program Report

Pilot Implementation of Smart Timers Report (2010)
Pilot Implementation Report

MWDOC Smart Timer Rebate Program Evaluation (2011)
Smart Timer Evaluation

Water Loss Management Program Assessment Report (2007)
Water Loss Program Report

Orange County Plumbing Fixture Saturation Study (2002)
OC Saturation Study

Landscape Performance Certification Program Evaluation (2004)
LPCP Evaluation

Landscape Management for Water Savings (1998)
Chapters 1-4
Chapter 5

Landscape Water Conservation Programs: Evaluation of Water Budget Based Rate Structures (1997)
Budget Based Rate Structures Evaluation

Residential Runoff Reduction Study (2004)
Complete Residential Runoff Reduction Study (4.41 MB)
Table of Contents
Executive Summary(50 KB)
Chapter 1: Introduction(25 KB)
Chapter 2: Study Methodology (425 KB)
Chapter 3: Water Conservation (347 KB)
Chapter 4: Runoff (181 KB)
Chapter 5: Water Quality and Watershed Implications (147 KB)
Chapter 6: Public Education (203 KB)
Chapter 7: Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations

Appendix A: References (15 KB)
Appendix B: Study Design (119 KB)
Appendix C: Statistical Analysis of Water Savings (190 KB)
Appendix D1: Statistical Analysis of Urban Runoff Reduction (57 KB)
Appendix D2: Residential Runoff Reduction Study Update-2003 Runoff Data (47 KB)
Appendix E1: The Effect of Technology and Public Education (184 KB)
Appendix E2: Technical Assistance (472 KB)
Appendix F: Public Acceptance (1,616 KB)