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Our mission is to provide reliable, high-quality supplies from Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and other sources to meet present and future needs at an equitable and economical cost, and to promote water use efficiency for all of Orange County.

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  • Nearly 50%

    Of Orange County’s total water demand
    is met by imported water supplies

  • 70.2 Billion

    Gallons of imported water are purchased by
    MWDOC each year to meet OC’s demand

  • 15.9 Billion

    Gallons of water are saved each year through
    MWDOCs water use efficiency programs

  • Over 3 Million

    Orange County students have participated in
    MWDOC’s water education program

  • Nearly 100%

    Of South Orange County is dependent on
    imported water

  • 10,000 Gallons

    Of water can be saved each year simply
    by fixing leaks around your home

  • 15,000 Gallons

    Of water can be saved outdoors each year
    simply by installing a smart sprinkler timer

  • 13 Inches

    Average amount of rainfall OC gets each year.
    It takes about 48 inches to sustain turf grass.

  • 10 Gallons

    Of water each minute can be saved simply by
    turning off the garden hose when not in use

Board Meetings

  • Jan 24th, 2018 MWDOC/OCWD Joint Planning Committee
  • Jan 25th, 2018 ISDOC Quarterly Meeting
  • Feb 2nd, 2018 WACO Monthly Meeting
  • Feb 5th, 2018 Planning & Operations Committee
  • Feb 6th, 2018 ISDOC Executive Committee Meetings

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Water Use Efficiency

Offering water wise education, tips, resources, water saving programs and incentives
for Orange County residents and businesses.


MWDOC works with local Orange County water providers to offer rebates and incentives to residential and commercial water users.

Residential Rebates

Orange County residents can save water and money by taking advantage of available rebates offered on both indoor and outdoor water-saving devices.

Commercial Rebates

Rebates are now available to Orange County commercial customers on a variety of water-saving devices used for your business.