Technical Resources

The Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC) offers the following technical resources to help all users save water.

Water Use Efficiency Master Plan

The Master Plan defines how MWDOC will comply with the state’s goal of a 20 percent reduction in municipal and industrial water use by the year 2020. The plan also provides a road map for Orange County to achieve higher levels of water use efficiency, and includes proposed programs and investments that will help ensure water reliability for the future.

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Research Activities

MWDOC’s water use efficiency department participates in a variety of research activities. These research projects allow us to design and implement more effective water use efficiency programs that benefit all end users.

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Orange County Surface Soil Textures Map

MWDOC and the Natural Resources Conservation Services have developed a surface soil textures map to help you determine the surface soil type at your home. Knowing your surface soil texture type will help you establish an appropriate watering schedule for your home landscape.

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