2020 Urban Water Management Plan

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The Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC) is required to adopt an Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) every five years to comply with California’s Urban Water Management Planning Act. The State required long-term plan details MWDOC’s water demand forecast, local and imported water supplies, water supplies reliability assessment, and shortage contingency analysis. New to the 2020 UWMPs is the requirement for agencies to have a Water Shortage Contingency Plan (WSCP) that contains a drought risk assessment methodology and process. The drought risk assessment evaluates demands and supplies over an assumed five dry year period to help agencies plan for any shortage actions or response that may need to be considered to close their water supplies gap.

The draft Appendix C to both the 2020 UWMP and the 2015 UWMP includes all of the elements described in Delta Plan Policy WR P1, Reduce Reliance on the Delta Through Improved Regional Water Self-Reliance (Cal. Code Regs. tit. 23, § 5003) which need to be included in a water supplier’s UWMP to support a certification of consistency for a future covered action in the delta.

Public input is encouraged and will be considered during the finalization of the 2020 UWMP, WSCP, and Appendix C. MWDOC will hold a public hearing at its Board Meeting on May 19, 2021[1][2] to solicit comments on the draft 2020 Urban Water Management Plan, draft Water Shortage Contingency Plan, and draft Appendix C addendum to the 2015 Urban Water Management Plan. MWDOC will also accept written comments on the draft plans and draft Appendix C. There are two written comment period deadlines:

  • For written comments to be considered as part of the MWDOC Final Draft, UWMP Comments must be submitted by April 23, 2021.
  • For written comments to be considered part of the Public Hearing, prior to adopting the Final UWMP, comments must be submitted by May 18, 2021.

To send comments or for more information on MWDOC’s Draft 2020 UWMP, WSCP, or Appendix C, please contact Alex Heide at

May 2021 Final Draft

2020 UWMP
2020 UWMP Appendices
2020 WSCP
2020 WSCP Appendices
2015 Addendum (Appendix C)

April 2021 Public Review Draft

Draft 2020 MWDOC Urban Water Management Plan
Draft 2020 MWDOC Water Shortage Contingency Plan
Draft 2020 Appendix C Reduced Reliance on the Delta


Appendix A. UWMP Water Code Checklist
Appendix B. DWR Standardized Tables
Appendix D. 2017 Basin 8-1 Alternative
Appendix E. San Juan Basin Groundwater and Facilities Management Plan
Appendix F. 2020 Adaptive Pumping Management Plan Technical Memorandum
Appendix G. Amended Main San Gabriel Basin Judgment
Appendix H. 2021 OC Water Demand Forecast for MWDOC and OCWD Technical Memorandum
Appendix I. MWDOC’s 2020 Water Shortage Contingency Plan
Appendix J. Water Use Efficiency Implementation Report
Appendix K. MWDOC’s Demand Management Measures
Appendix L. Notice of Public Hearing

Appendix M. Adopted UWMP and WSCP Resolutions (pending)

[1] As a result of the COVID-19 emergency and the Governor’s Executive Orders to protect public health by limiting public gatherings and requiring social distancing, at this time, this meeting is scheduled to occur via remote presence.

[2]Per § 10642 of the California Water Code and California Government Code § 7293 Spanish translation services will be available to the public upon request at the May 19, 2021, Public Hearing.