Plants and Trees

The Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC) has compiled a variety of water use efficiency resources to help Orange County residents save water. Please click on the links below.

OC Water Smart Gardens

MWDOC’s OC Water Smart Gardens webpage provides a surplus of helpful guides and fact sheets, as well as an interactive photo gallery of water-saving landscape ideas that allows you to add the California Friendly plants that inspire you to a shopping list. Visit the webpage today for a collection of resources to help you save time, money, and water!

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OC Garden Friendly Program

The OC Garden Friendly Program promotes the use of climate appropriate plants and water efficient irrigation practices. Each year, several OC Garden Friendly events are held at home and garden centers throughout Orange County to help residents reduce irrigation runoff and improve outdoor water use efficiency.

Tree Resources

The Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC) has compiled a variety of tree resources to help you select and care for the trees in your landscape!

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Free Landscape Designs

The Municipal Water District of Orange County has collaborated with top landscape designers to create FREE landscape designs for your use. The designs provided include examples of landscapes that thrive in Southern California’s semi-arid climate.

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California Friendly Landscaping Classes

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California offers free, virtual classes in landscape design and irrigation principles. Courses include plant selection and care, irrigation controller programming and scheduling. Mini-tutorials offer a chance to brush up on key points of water-wise gardening.

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Overwatering Is Out - OC Stormwater Program

Water that runs off your property from excess irrigation, car washing, or hosing down sidewalks is both a water use efficiency issue and a stormwater issue. H2OC was created by the Orange County Stormwater Program to help Orange County residents take action to keep our local waterways healthy for generations to come.

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California Friendly Landscaping Resources

We have compiled a list of local landscaping resources to help you design and maintain a California Friendly landscape. There are a variety of native and California Friendly plants that are suited to southern California’s semi-arid climate and require very little water.

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Sunset Magazine's Plant Finder

Find the perfect plants and flowers for your garden with Sunset Magazine’s Plant Finder tool. Discover which plants are most ideal for your landscape based on your local climate zone, sun exposure, and personal plant preferences.

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California Friendly

A Maintenance Guide for Landscapers, Gardeners, and Land Manager

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