Residential Rebates

Orange County residents are committed to saving water. From installing low-flow toilets and high efficiency clothes washers indoors, to transforming yards with climate appropriate plants and efficient irrigation devices outdoors, the Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC) offers rebates for consumers to help save water. Orange County knows that every drop of water saved today is an investment towards a sustainable future.

Outdoor Rebates

Turf Removal

Rebates Available

Water Savings: Up to 70% less water used
Replace thirsty turf with beautiful, climate-appropriate landscape.

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Landscape Design Assistance

This program has limited availability and is only offered to Turf Removal Program participants. Please contact us if you are interested in receiving this 1-on-1 landscape design assistance.
Phone: (714) 593-5036. Email:
Professional landscape design assistance, which includes a comprehensive climate appropriate plant palette, onsite infiltration, and a water efficient irrigation design and maintenance plan.

Smart Sprinkler Timers

Rebates start at $180 for properties less than one acre
-or- $35 per station for properties greater than one acre

Water Savings: 40-50 gallons per day/home
Choose a weather-based irrigation controller that adjusts the watering
schedule based on current weather conditions, or a soil moisture
sensor controller that measures the soil’s water content to determine
how much water plants need.

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Sprinkler Nozzles

Rebates start at $2 each
(Minimum 30 nozzles)

Water Savings: 15 gallons per day/nozzle
Upgrade to rotating sprinkler nozzles that water more evenly and
efficiently than traditional pop-up spray heads.

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Drip Irrigation

Rebates start at $0.50 per square foot

Water Savings: 50 gallons per day
Convert spray heads to drip irrigation, which uses emitters to deliver water to specific
locations at, or near, plant root zones.

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Soil Moisture Sensors

Rebates start at $80 per device or $35 per station for sites over 1 acre

Water Savings: Reduce outdoor water use by up to 70%
Soil moisture sensor controllers are placed below ground in the root zones of lawns and landscapes to determine if and how long to water. They are available as stand-alone controllers or add-on devices to existing controllers.

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Rain Barrels and Cisterns

Rebates start at $35 per rain barrel and $250 per cistern

Water Savings: Varies based on rainfall
Capture the rain water that falls on your roof and use it later to water
your plants. Rain barrels can reduce urban runoff and ocean pollution.

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Indoor Rebates

Clothes Washers

Rebates start at $85

Water Savings: 15 gallons per day
Upgrade your old washing machine to a high efficiency clothes washer
that uses up to 55% less water and gets clothes just as clean.

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Premium High Efficiency Toilets

Rebates start at $40

Water Savings: 22 gallons per day
Get paid to replace your old toilets with premium high efficiency models that use just
1.06 gallons or less per flush while maintaining high performance standards.

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*Rebate amounts may vary by participating agency. Rebate levels are subject to change and are based on available funding. Rebate paid will not exceed device cost.