Water Energy Education Alliance (WEEA)


The Water Energy Education Alliance (WEEA or Alliance) is a coalition of water, energy, and education leaders working together to build and bolster career pathways to water and energy jobs for Southern California high school students. The Alliance is a collection of over 60 professional organizations that include water and energy agencies, departments of education, school districts, colleges, technical trade schools, and more. WEEA is administered by the Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC).

WEEA Leadership Roundtable Meeting Recordings

October 18, 2022 – WEEA Leadership Meeting (flyer)

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Benefits of CTEs

Over the next decade, the number of California residents age 65 and older is expected to double, reaching 8.6 million. Many of those impending retirements will directly impact the water, wastewater, and energy industry sectors. There are many benefits of cultivating high school CTE programs that focus on workforce pathways in the Energy, Environment, and Utility Sectors (EEU) defined by the California Department of Education. These are a few:

  • CTEs enable companies to find trained, skilled workers right out of high school saving time and money on recruitment and onboarding.
  • CTEs ensure career pathways are illuminated and introduced in critical early education years and encourage students to pursue postsecondary education and certification.
  • CTEs provide career pathways and postsecondary options for a more diverse demographic.
  • Students participating in CTEs are more likely to graduate, go to college, find employment, and earn higher wages.
  • Water and energy sector jobs provide steady, long-term careers that ultimately contribute to the welfare of workers, their families, and to the health of the state’s economy.

Memberships & Sponsorships

With support from our sponsors, MWDOC is eager to call on the expertise and connections established through this powerful Southern California alliance, and together, assist all Alliance stakeholders as they thoughtfully step up their investment in the education of both high school students, and the teachers who are committed to the academic and career success that will create California’s workforce of tomorrow.

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Tiffany Baca, MWDOC Public Affairs Manager/Executive Director WEEA at tbaca@mwdoc.com

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