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5 Reasons to Care! About Your Annual Water Quality Report

Stay informed! Your local water provider publishes a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) annually detailing water sources, tested contaminants, and how your water quality meets Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards.

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5 Things to Know! About the Mid-Winter Outlook 2023-24

Discover five (5) mid-winter findings that may influence the outlook of Orange County water supply, from impacts on imported water to the uncertainty of El Niño.

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5 Things to Know! About Water Year 2023-24

Discover five (5) leading issues that will shape the future of Orange County water in the upcoming year, from improved water storage levels to declining water usage and the potential impact of El Niño.

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Making Conservation a Way of Life

6 Things to Know! About Making Conservation a Way of Life

Discover how the State Water Resources Control Board plans to address California’s ongoing water challenges with proposed regulation to reduce urban water use by 400-thousand-acre feet by 2030.

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6 Things to Know! About California’s Snowpack Survey

From one extreme to the next. What does California’s latest snowpack survey tell us about the climate-driven challenges facing our state?

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5 Things to Know! About Record Storms (So Far) This Winter

Following three (3) consecutive years of below-average hydrologic conditions, this winter has brought some much-needed relief to California’s ongoing drought. While the severity of the drought has declined due to increased storm activity, most of the state is still experiencing some form of drought. Additional storms would significantly improve conditions across California.

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5 Key Facts! About the April 1st, 2022 Snowpack Measurement

Did you know? California’s snowpack is a critical water supply source and helps predict water availability into the warm summer months. The Department of Water Resources recently conducted its annual April 1st survey and found snowpack levels well below average.

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6 Actionable Steps! To Eliminating Water Waste

Did you know? There are things you can do today that will help Orange County endure current drought conditions and enhance our drought resilience. As water providers across the state continue to plan and prepare for water shortages, the reality is we must all do what we can to reduce our water use and eliminate water waste.

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