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6 Easy Ways! To Embrace Organic Gardening

Have you ever wondered how to get started in organic gardening? Learn how the absence of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers fosters biodiversity, promotes plant health, and mitigates the risk of harmful pollutants entering waterways.

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5 Gardening Tips! For A Water-Smart Winter Wonderland

Discover the joy of year-round gardening, where Orange County’s mild climate offers endless opportunities to create and tend to your water-saving winter wonderland.


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5 Quick Tips! For a Flourishing Fall Garden

Fall is here! Now is the perfect time to grab your gardening tools and let the promise of changing colors and cooler temperatures inspire you to transform your garden into a cozy outdoor oasis.

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6 Quick Tips! To Beat the Summer Heat

With temperatures on the rise, here’s some quick tips to help keep you cool this summer. Your plants will thank you too!

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6 Quick Adjustments! For Water-Smart Outdoor Living

Spring has sprung! With just a few practical adjustments, you can enjoy the great outdoors and save money on your monthly bill too.

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PreSpring Gardening

6 Things to Know! About Pre-Spring Gardening

Did you know? Now is the perfect time to set up your garden and surrounding landscape to thrive in the spring! With just a few practical steps, you can eliminate unnecessary time, money, and effort spent in your yard and get a jump start on creating a healthy, water-smart environment.

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