Save Water


The Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC) is committed to protecting and preserving Orange County water supplies now and long into the future. Providing clean, safe, reliable water to Orange County residents and businesses is a top priority. To ensure that the water supply we have will continue to sustain us for decades to come, we must all do our part.


Water Use Efficiency

A Southern California lifestyle includes using water wisely every day. This simple practice is the least costly method we have to extend our water supply. Thanks to water-smart behavior changes and advanced technologies, Southern California uses nearly 40 percent less water today than we were using three decades ago.

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MWDOC offers Orange County residents and businesses a variety of rebates on indoor and outdoor water-saving devices. From low-flow toilets and high-efficiency clothes washers to smart sprinkler timers, rain barrels, sprinkler nozzles, and more, every drop of water saved today is an investment towards a sustainable future.

Residential Rebates

Commercial Rebates


FREE Landscape Design Assistance

MWDOC has teamed up with top landscape designers to offer FREE water-smart landscape designs to Orange County residents and businesses. Plans include a landscape layout, drought-tolerant plant suggestions, and an irrigation map. All designs are examples of water-efficient landscapes that thrive in Southern California’s semi-arid climate.

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OC is Water Smart!

Orange County residents and businesses know that eliminating water waste is the right thing to do. Collectively, OC citizens save over 17 billion gallons of water each year through MWDOC’s water-efficient programs, resources, and rebates. Additionally, through robust community outreach efforts and education initiatives, water users learn how to make water-smart choices today that help secure regional water reliability for generations to come.

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