OC is Water Smart!


Orange County (OC) is the third-most populous county in California and the sixth-most populous in the nation. Home to 3.2 million residents in 34 incorporated cities, OC is rich in culture, history, and community.

OC residents and businesses have adopted a water-smart lifestyle, collectively saving over 17 billion gallons of water each year through the Municipal Water District of Orange County’s (MWDOC) water-saving programs, resources, and rebates. Additionally, through robust community and education partnerships, OC adults and children alike learn more about their personal impact on the health and reliability of the county’s water supply and are encouraged to make small changes today that can have a big influence on water reliability for generations to come.

And much more!

OC is Garden Smart!

OC’s semi-arid climate supports the diverse landscapes that are enjoyed here, including coastal, canyon, mountainous, and metropolitan areas. Successful gardens and landscapes in these areas require a range of water and garden smart know-how, and OC residents and businesses are increasingly up to the challenge. MWDOC has partnered with UCCE Master Gardeners, Orange County Coastkeeper, and local nurseries to bring you quick garden tips that offer three important benefits:

  1. Water savings
  2. Wellbeing
  3. Garden smart know-how