Tree Resources

Did you know? Trees provide many benefits and are an important part of the water cycle. They help reduce energy and water demands and mitigate the urban heat island effect to lower the temperature in cities. Trees enhance environmental health by filtering air and water pollutants, reducing stormwater runoff, and supporting biodiversity!

Orange County participants in the Turf Replacement Rebate Program can receive additional incentives for planting trees; you can get an extra $100 bonus rebate per tree planted (up to 5 trees)!

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Plan Your Tree Layout

Use this landscape design template to help guide you on where to plant trees in your landscape.

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WaterSmart Trees

Explore beautiful, sustainable, climate-appropriate trees that thrive in Orange County.

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Tree Selection Guide

Find the perfect trees for your landscape with this interactive tree selection guide.

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Tree Care

Search for certified arborists near you and discover helpful tips to care for your trees.

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Tree Planting Guide

Check out these 10 easy tips and techniques for properly
installing a new tree into your landscape.

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5 Benefits to Know! About Planting Trees

Did you know? Trees are the unsung heroes of our environment, playing a crucial role in everything from preserving our water quality to cooling our homes. Explore the incredible benefits of trees —not just for the environment but for your yard and wallet, too!

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10 Benefits of Trees for Your Landscape

Discover the power of trees in your landscape! From cooling your home to reducing runoff in your garden, trees offer many benefits that extend far beyond their good looks including essential environmental and health advantages.

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