California Drought


Once again, California is in the midst of a severe drought. In fact, 2022 is turning out to be the state’s driest year on record so far. As water providers continue to plan and prepare for extended dry conditions, residents and businesses statewide are being called to take action and voluntarily reduce water use by 20-30% to extend our limited water supplies.

We understand that the past several years have been challenging, and disaster fatigue has made it difficult to grasp the severity of our current situation. Unfortunately, we cannot predict with accuracy when this drought will end, and conditions are worsening. While Orange County is better prepared for this drought thanks to sound planning and wise investments in water supply and infrastructure, we urge our residents and businesses to continue their commitment to using water wisely and reducing water waste. We can endure this drought together if we all do our part.


Water Use Efficiency

A Southern California lifestyle includes using water efficiently every day. This simple practice is the least costly method we have to extend our water supply reliability, especially during times of drought. For decades, MWDOC has offered water-saving programs and rebates designed to encourage Orange County residents and businesses to use water wisely. Programs include educational classes, performance reporting, water use surveys, and consumer incentives for water-efficient devices.

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OC is Water Smart

Since the early 1990’s, Orange County has distinguished itself as a leader in water use efficiency. Through active participation in water-saving programs and incentives, Orange County water users save over 17 billion gallons of water each year. That’s a lot of water! As a result of community outreach efforts and thoughtful partnerships, MWDOC offers Orange County residents and businesses the information, education, and resources they need to make water-smart decisions every day.

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(FREE) Communications Toolkit

Communicating effectively with our Orange County communities is critical as we continue to navigate current and changing drought conditions. MWDOC Public Affairs has prepared a free communications toolkit to assist our member agencies, stakeholders, and community partners when speaking with the public about current drought conditions. Ensuring Orange County maintains a unified, regional voice on the drought will be the key to enduring it.

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Additional Resources

MWDOC is committed to keeping Orange County engaged, involved, and up-to-date on current water issues, water-saving opportunities, pending policy matters, and special events. You can follow us on social media, subscribe to our eNewsletter, and check back here for additional drought related resources.

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