Hot Projects - Help Graphic

Each project is methodically developed to ensure that the end result benefits our member agencies and the public. Below you will find our current hot projects.

  • Power Utilities Power Shutoff Coordination
    • Southern California Edison (SCE) and San Diego Gas and Electric utilize Public Safety Power Shutoff programs to proactively shut off power in high fire risk areas when extreme weather conditions present a clear and imminent threat of their power lines starting a fire. Unfortunately, these programs also shut-off power to water utilities and can affect water distribution for residential use and fire suppression. WEROC is working with our Member Agencies, the Operational Area, power utilities, and the California Public Utilities Commission to ensure impacts of the program to water and wastewater utilities are mitigated, and that notification, response and coordination of such programs are effective for all response agencies.
  • Training , Exercises, and Emergency Response
    • Every year, WEROC conducts an extensive training and exercise program that gives staff an opportunity to learn the tools and processes of an Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Their skills and the tools provided are put to the test in simulated response exercises to evaluate emergency plans, redundant communication systems, EOC forms, assumptions, and comfort levels working in the Emergency Operations Center. During recent real events, WEROC staff supported water and wastewater utilities in responding to fires, power outages, and floods. The lessons learned from exercises and the real events of the last year are documented into After Action Reports and incorporated into future training and exercise programs to ensure that staff continue to succeed.
  • Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Renovation
    • WEROC maintains a dedicated Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and an alternate EOC. The EOC is the focal point for coordination of all the County’s water emergency response and recovery operations. This year, we will begin the process of upgrading the primary and alternate EOC, to include seismic retrofitting to better resist hazards, rewiring the electrical grid, installation of a power generator, and much more.
  • Dam and Reservoir Inundation Studies
    • WEROC is currently assisting agencies and the County to meet new state requirements in the planning and review of Dam Inundation Maps and Emergency Action Plans (EAP). Following recent legislation, all Dam Owners in the state must develop updated dam inundation maps and revise the corresponding EAP to follow FEMA Guidelines for Dam Safety. The plans consist of dam failure levels, action plans for each failure scenario, notification procedures, roles and responsibilities of impacted agencies, etc. Dam owners are now required to meet with impacted emergency response agencies and to host annual drills/tests with those agencies.
  • Grants
    • The Federal Emergency Management Agency provides state and local government preparedness program funding in the form of Preparedness Grants and Hazard Mitigation Grants to enhance the capacity of state and local emergency responders to mitigate, prevent, respond to, and recover from all hazards. WEROC continuously works to identify grant projects to increase Member Agency resilience. Recently, WEROC guided agencies to apply for grant funding to obtain power generators and assist agencies in developing their dam inundation studies.
  • Safety Center Mobile App
    • Safety Center is a mobile application (phone or tablet) administered by WEROC which contains WEROC emergency plans, member and coordinating agency emergency contact information, and other pertinent resources that can be easily accessed during emergencies. The Safety Center application can be accessed using your mobile application online store. To become an authorized user or to add/delete users for your agency, contact WEROC ( to request access.