Orange County Water Supply Sources

Source of Water Supplies in Fiscal Year 2018/19

AgencyImported Water UseLocal Water UseRecycled Water
Buena Park26.80%73.20%0.00%
East Orange CWD RZ43.52%56.48%0.00%
El Toro WD84.34%1.37%14.28%
Fountain Valley20.17%67.51%12.33%
Garden Grove24.32%75.68%0.00%
Golden State WC23.42%76.58%0.00%
Huntington Beach20.09%79.97%0.00%
Irvine Ranch WD13.94%59.06%27.01%
La Habra1.07%98.93%0.00%
La Palma23.00%77.00%0.00%
Laguna Beach CWD43.05%56.95%0.00%
Mesa Water0.00%94.67%5.33%
Moulton Niguel WD79.64%0.97%19.39%
Newport Beach22.11%74.47%3.42%
Orange County WD (Groundwater Sources)30.18%0.00%69.82%
San Clemente79.17%6.81%14.01%
San Juan Capistrano66.51%25.10%8.40%
Santa Ana23.12%76.14%0.74%
Santa Margarita WD69.82%6.28%23.90%
Seal Beach27.94%72.06%0.00%
Serrano WD0.00%100%0.00%
South Coast WD83.36%3.88%12.76%
Trabuco Canyon WD76.69%8.11%15.20%
Yorba Linda WD25.32%74.68%0.00%
Orange County29.21%62.51%8.28%


Overview of Orange County
Water Supply Sources

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Water supplies in Orange County come from both local and imported sources. Local supplies in Orange County vary regionally and include groundwater, recycled wastewater, and surface water.