Streams of Hope

Wyland Project 2

The Municipal Water District of Orange County has partnered with the Wyland Foundation, world-renowned marine life artist Wyland, Orange County Conservation Corps, and the County of Orange’s Adopt a Channel program to launch Streams of Hope, a public art, environmental education, and community action campaign in celebration of Earth Month (April 1-30). The campaign aims to raise public awareness about waterway pollution and inspire good water stewardship through community action, leveraging the power of art, partnerships, and community to reach more people and inspire real behavior change.

Meet Stella

“Stella,” the baby gray whale, is a wooden relief canvas inspired by the art of famed marine life artist Wyland. Twenty-five (25) Stella statuettes have been distributed to local Orange County artists from the beach, canyon, and urban communities to tell their unique story about protecting our waterways and way of life. Once completed, Stella’s were placed in high-profile locations across Orange County, including the iconic Huntington Beach Pier, public parks, city halls, a library, a shopping center, John Wayne Airport, and more!

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Meet the Artists

Artists participating in the Streams of Hope campaign include our youngest and most experienced water users, an inspirational school for students with disabilities, and two (2) alternative high schools. Professional artists and budding new talent from all walks of life have been selected to create a unique story about why pollution prevention and good water stewardship are so important. These stories are told through the power of art and community and have inspired an innovative and memorable environmental protection movement.

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Community Action

Community action is a driving force behind the Streams of Hope campaign. In addition to the public art component, Orange County students, teachers, residents, and businesses have been activated to implement simple actions to keep our waterways clean and healthy. Inspired by the campaign, classrooms across Orange County have completed a guided activity to show their peers why caring for our water supply is essential, while thousands of people have participated in beach and storm channel cleanup events since the campaign’s launch.