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What is a Pressure Regulating Valve?

A Pressure Regulating Valve (PRV) is a plumbing device installed on the intake pipe between the street and your front yard hose bib (click for image). It is used to moderate high water pressure for optimal home appliance, pipe, and fixture performance, while significantly reducing the likelihood of leaks developing.

A failed PRV allows water entering your home to exceed the recommended pressure for household plumbing devices and appliances. If approved for the program, a qualified technician will test and adjust your water pressure or, if necessary, replace a failed PRV.

Program Benefits:

  • FREE site visit
  • FREE water pressure and leak testing
  • FREE replacement of a failed PRV
  • Identify existing leaks and reduce the risk of future leaks
  • Protect and preserve existing pipes
  • Safeguard your home’s water-using appliances

Availability of FREE site visits are limited so apply today to take advantage of these significant benefits and more!

*IMPORTANT: Read terms and conditions below for additional program information.

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