Cooling Tower Conductivity & PH Controllers

Cooling Tower Conductivity Controllers

If your conductivity controller is more than 5 years old, it may be losing efficiency. Upgrade and save up to 40% on water costs. Annual water savings with a new Cooling Tower Conductivity Controller can be as much as 800,000 gallons.

Automated monitoring and control are the keys to maintaining cooling system efficiency. By accurately transmitting information to the valves that control the amount of blow down (water drained from the cooling tower reservoir) and subsequent makeup water, a conductivity controller can dramatically reduce operating expenses.

pH Conductivity Controllers

Installing a state-of-the-art integrated pH Conductivity Controller will allow you to upgrade your cooling tower water treatment by adding chemicals that control the pH in the system. This may help prevent scaling in your cooling tower, even as you increase its water efficiency.

In order to qualify for rebates, a pH controller must also measure conductivity. Upon installation of a qualified device, you will save significant water in the operation of your cooling towers, improve operational efficiency, and reduce sewage and chemical costs.

Contact your local HVAC contractor for information on how to purchase rebate-eligible controllers.


Commercial Rebate Level:$625 per Cooling Tower Conductivity Controller; $1,750 per pH Conductivity Controller

Commercial Rebate Application

A rebate program application and all of the personal information listed in it is public record and will be made available to any member of the public who requests it. By signing a rebate program application, the applicant acknowledges that applicant has no privacy expectations to this information and waives any claim to such.