Connectionless Food Steamers

Restaurants often use food steamers to maintain or warm food. Recently, new water-efficient, connectionless (pressure-less) food steamers, which have no water line or sewer discharge line, have been developed. This type of food steamer is intended for small- to medium-size restaurants.

Based on data from a study done by the Food Service Technology Center, the connectionless steamers save an average of 81,500 gallons per year with an estimated 10-year life. Rebates are available for qualified connectionless food steamers, with more than ten manufacturers offering water-efficient models.

Click here for a list of rebate-eligible food steamers.

Commercial Rebate Level: $485* per compartment

Commercial Rebate Application

*Additional rebates may be available through SoCal Edison, The Gas Company, and San Diego Gas & Electric.

A rebate program application and all of the personal information listed in it is public record and will be made available to any member of the public who requests it. By signing a rebate program application, the applicant acknowledges that applicant has no privacy expectations to this information and waives any claim to such.