Water Awareness Poster Contest

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The Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC) Water Awareness Poster Contest is an annual contest presented each spring. All Orange County students in grades Kindergarten through 12 are invited to participate. The Contest’s goal is to get students thinking about our most precious natural resource – water – and how clean, fresh drinking water improves our daily lives. Nearly a thousand entries are collected each year, and from these entries, 40 winners are selected.

2024 Water Awareness Poster Contest Flyer

Creating Water Awareness – Poster Contest Activity

Poster Contest Rules

  1. Now open to all Orange County children; however, only students in grades K-12 are eligible to receive a Grand Prize.
  2. Submissions must reflect the student’s own ability.
  3. Posters must be drawn horizontally on 8.5 x 11 in. or 12 x 18 in. paper.
  4. ORIGINAL ARTWORK ONLY: Posters submitted with licensed characters or images will not be accepted (e.g. Spongebob or Mickey Mouse). Students are allowed to use the Ricky Raindrop character in their design.
  5. All artwork will be the exclusive property of the Municipal Water District of Orange County for reproduction or promotional purposes and may be published at mwdoc.com.
  6. Include the following information on the back of your your submission:
    1. Student’s Name
    2. Grade Level
    3. School Name
    4. School District
    5. School ZIP Code
    6. Teacher’s Name
    7. Teacher’s Email
    8. Parent’s Name
    9. Parent’s Phone
    10. Parent’s Email
  7. Mail all entries to: MWDOC, Attn: Public Affairs, 18700 Ward Street, Fountain Valley, CA 92708. (Note: if you are unable to mail your entry due to physical or financial adversity, please contact Katie Vincent for alternate entry options: Kvincent@mwdoc.com)
  8. Deadline (Postmarked or dropped off by): March 6, 2024
  9. 2024 Contest theme: Save Blue. Live Green.
  10. Teachers: Make it a class project and be entered to win a FREE water lesson for your students!

2023 Poster Contest Winners

Gashvi Arora 1st Grade – Winner Mooyong Kim 8th Grade – Winner
Yujin Baek 9th Grade – Winner Rebecca Kusumo 5th Grade – Winner
Anagha Bhat 3rd Grade – Winner Angela Li 5th Grade – Winner
Xavier Brown 12th Grade – Winner Callie Lonowski 10th Grade – Winner
Jiwon Cha 7th Grade – Winner Anjali Manchiraju 2nd Grade – Winner
Tiffanny Chan 7th Grade – Winner Hazel Moon 7th Grade – Winner
Tiffanie Chang 7th Grade – Winner Luna (Somin) Moon 9th Grade – Winner
Calissa Cheng 1st Grade – Winner Phoebe Nam 2nd Grade – Winner
Eric Cheon 10th Grade – Winner Ishan Nigam 1st Grade – Winner
Ryan Chiang Kindergarten – Winner Lynn Ning 6th Grade – Winner
Angelina Choi 8th Grade – Winner Giuliana Orozco 2nd Grade – Winner
Daniel Chung 6th Grade – Winner Lauren Park 5th Grade – Winner
Kayla Foong 12th Grade – Winner Nitya Pinninti 4th Grade – Winner
Sumedh Gautam 3rd Grade – Winner Karla Rivas 10th Grade – Winner
Kavisha Gupta 3rd Grade – Winner Aarika Sheth 4th Grade – Winner
Mia Hernandez 11th Grade – Winner Crystal Shin 11th Grade – Winner
Anushka Jain 7th Grade – Winner Priscilla Sung 6th Grade – Winner
Grace Jin 10th Grade – Winner Vivienne Tsang 5th Grade – Winner
Yeeun Jun 5th Grade – Winner Avya Warrier 2nd Grade – Winner
Shiwon Kim 1st Grade – Winner Greyson Yamachika 1st Grade – Winner
Ira Adnaik 9th Grade – Honorable Mention
Isabella Purohit 12th Grade – Honorable Mention
Hailey Arpawong 12th Grade – Honorable Mention
Iris Barbee 11th Grade – Honorable Mention
Lauren Ybarra 11th Grade – Honorable Mention
Seoyeon Park 5th Grade – Honorable Mention
Deetya Sripuram 4th Grade – Honorable Mention
Liliana Wlodarska 4th Grade – Honorable Mention
Adriana Wlodarska 3rd Grade – Honorable Mention
Jeyi Park 5th Grade – Honorable Mention
Ava Symchych 7th Grade – Honorable Mention
Rachel Choi 7th Grade – Honorable Mention
Atalina Romero Gaddiel 7th Grade – Honorable Mention
Chloe Lin 8th Grade – Honorable Mention
Chloe Albert 7th Grade – Honorable Mention


Have questions? Contact Katie Vincent at
kvincent@mwdoc.com, or (714) 916-0763

Of the annual winning posters, several will also be submitted to The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s regional poster contest for consideration, and a chance to win a spot in their annual “Water Is Life” calendar.