Steve Creech, President, Wyland Foundation

The Wyland Foundation (WYFO) and the Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC) have announced a new partnership designed to assist Orange County individuals, school groups, and companies with volunteer- based home and community projects that support healthier waterways and more efficient water use. The program, MyVolunteer Water Project, is free to everyone, and there are several ways to participate.

insights-2020oct-healthier-waterwaysIndividuals, or teams made up of friends, family, schoolmates, or coworkers are encouraged to take action by selecting hands-on, easy-to-do activities that can make a significant difference on the quality of life for our communities, wildlife, and neighbors downstream. As an added bonus, people who undertake a project will help accrue extra points for their city in the Wyland National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation, an annual national and regional campaign WYFO and MWDOC have been partnering together on for years.

Whether participating from the safety of home during the COVID-19 pandemic, or undertaking community projects as we begin to reopen the country, the MyVolunteer Water Project program is designed for year-round participation and includes measurable impacts and shareable reports that can be posted on social media, inspiring others to take action.

Here are a few examples of the types of projects … with more to come!

  • Plant a tree – Reduce stormwater runoff, promote better air quality, and reduce CO2 from our atmosphere. Plant a tree in your home or community.
  • Litter removal – Participate as an individual or organize a group to pick up litter, keeping our storm drains and waterways clean.
  • Beach, lake, river, or wetland clean-ups – Participate as an individual or organize a group to clean up debris and trash preventing it from entering our most valuable and irreplaceable resources.
  • Community gardens and smart water landscaping projects – Grab shovels, soil, and native plants, flowers, and grasses that require very little water and reduce pollution runoff.

There are plenty of ways to be water smart, and this project helps connect the dots between good intentions, and making real, measurable change. All activities are designed to fit into our Orange County lifestyle whether through water smart beautification projects, community projects, home repairs, and more, and the MyVolunteer Water Project has new digital tracking tools that provide information, inspiration, and a unique framework to get it done. We hope you’ll join us to actively help create a healthy, sustainable water future.