Public Records Request

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Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC) records will be open to inspection by members of the public. The District Secretary is the official custodian of MWDOC records and will make all non-exempt records available in accordance with Government Law and the California Public Records Act. Certain records may be exempted from disclosure under the Public Records Act or other provisions of law.

Public Records Request

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Other Methods of Making a
Public Records Request

Any person desiring to inspect a public record must submit a request in writing specifying the records being requested. Requests may be made via email, fax, or mail, and shall be addressed to the District Secretary, Maribeth Goldsby. Individuals making the request will be provided with requested records within a reasonable timeframe, which may vary depending on the nature and size of the request.

Fax: (714) 964-9389
Mail: P.O. Box 20895
Fountain Valley CA 92728




Fees for Duplication of Records

Individuals requesting copies of public records will be responsible for the cost of reproducing the requested documents. The direct cost for photocopies of MWDOC records, except as provided in Section 11003, shall be twenty-five cents ($0.25) per page, and for electronic copies provided on a compact disk (CD), the direct cost shall be $1 per CD. For records produced through other media, the requester shall be responsible for the direct cost of duplication. Where production of an electronic record either (1) involves a record that is produced only at otherwise regularly scheduled intervals, or (2) requires data compilation, extraction, or programming, the requester shall bear the cost of producing a copy of the record, including the cost to construct a record, and the cost of programming and computer services necessary to produce a copy of the record. An invoice and a receipt will be furnished to the person or agency requesting copies. Actual postage charges incurred in mailing such copies shall be included in the invoice and receipt; however, no fee may be charged for time involved in research or retrieval. All fees shall be paid on or before delivery of such copies. Public agencies may, at the discretion of MWDOC, be exempted from payment of such fees if duplication of records is deemed to be pertinent to the business of such public agency.

MWDOC Administrative Code:
Public Records Requests:

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Public Records Requests.

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