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The Municipal Water District of Orange County strives to provide a variety of services that provide benefit to its stakeholders and constituents. Our efforts focus on sound planning and appropriate investments in water supply development, water use efficiency, public information, legislative advocacy, water education, and emergency preparedness.
Take control of your sprinkler system!
The Municipal Water District of Orange County - in collaboration with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and your retail water provider - offers rebates on a variety of water-efficient devices. These rebate programs are designed to help you reduce your water use, decrease irrigation runoff, and improve the efficiency of your irrigation system.

Weather-Based Irrigation Controller Rebate Program:
Take control of your sprinkler system by replacing your 'dumb' timer with a "smart" irrigation controller. These devices use information about your plants, soil, slope, and weather conditions to give your landscape the right amount of water. This helps reduce the amount of water runoff that flows off your property and eventually enters the ocean.

Current rebate level: $380 per residence (Single-Family Residents);
$25 per station (Multi-Family Residents and Businesses)
Rotating Sprinkler Nozzle Rebate Program: 
Did you know that up to 70% of the water used at Orange County homes is used for watering landscape. You can reduce water waste and decrease irrigation runoff by replacing traditional sprinkler heads with rotating sprinkler nozzles. Rotating nozzles water more uniformly and efficiently than traditional sprinkler heads, reducing your outdoor water use by up to 30%.

Current rebate level: $4 per nozzle (Check with your retail water provider for additional rebates.)
To find out more about these rebate programs or to fill out a rebate application, please use the links below:
SoCal WaterSmart Rebate Program (Single-Family Residents)   or call 888-376-3314  
Save Water - Save A Buck Rebate Program (Multi-Family Residents and Businesses)   or call 877-728-2282

Landscape and Irrigation Resources:

The Science of Irrigation -
This series of articles discusses efficient irrigation practices and principles. It covers irrigation basics, such as evapotranspiration and the history of the lawn, and builds up to more advanced topics, like distribution uniformity and smart irrigation technology.

Sunset Magazine's Plant Finder - Find the perfect plants and flowers for your garden with Sunset Magazine's Plant Finder tool.  Discover which plants are most ideal for your landscape based on your local climate zone, sun exposure, and personal plant preferences.

California Friendly Landscape Training Program -
This program was developed to help residents and landscape professionals design and maintain beautiful, water-efficient landscapes. Online classes and other resouces focus on landscape design, plant selection, irrigation system design and maintenance, and watering.