Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts Programs

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As part of its multi-faceted public education effort, the Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC) sponsors the Orange County Boy Scout Council’s Soil & Water Conservation Merit Badge and offers the Water Resources and Conservation Patch jointly with the Girl Scouts of Orange County.

MWDOC partners with several of its member agencies to host clinics that teach the Scouts about where their water comes from, the challenges of getting it to Orange County, and how to be water efficient. The clinics meet all of the merit badge and patch requirements and include a tour of a water treatment plant.

Volunteers from MWDOC and other Orange County water agencies are on hand during the clinics to answer any questions and talk about careers in the water industry.

Separate clinics are held for the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts throughout the year.

To join the waiting list for the Boy Scout clinics, register here.

To join the waiting list for the Girl Scout clinics, register here.