Grab-and-Go Water Activities


Explore, discover, and learn about the importance of water with the Municipal Water District of Orange County’s Grab-and-Go Water Activities. Developed in partnership with the Orange County Department of Education, these free, self-guided water activities encourage students to think deeply about their connection to the world around them, and inspire them to make smart decisions to protect the natural resources we depend on every day. Designed for Orange County K-12 teachers, parents, and students, these hands-on activities can be done in the classroom, or at home with the whole family!

Creating Water Awareness

Students reflect on their relationship with water and create an art poster demonstrating ways to protect and preserve our limited water supply. Artwork is eligible for MWDOC’s annual Water Awareness Poster Contest.

Emergency Go-Bag Challenge

Students explore natural and human-made disaster situations and identify essential items needed for an emergency survival kit – or “Go-Bag.”

Explore the Web of Life

Students investigate the importance of thriving ecosystems by examining how the health of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta in northern California is critical to Orange County’s water supply.

Map Your Water Use

Students create a map of their home or school to observe how humans interact and impact the environment and identify opportunities to save water.

Observing the Natural World

Students create a nature journal by exploring the natural world and recording how water interacts with all living things.

Orange County Water Supply

Students design, build, and test a marble run that illustrates how water is delivered from northern California to Orange County homes and businesses through a series of aqueducts, reservoirs, water treatment plants, and pipes.

Water Filtration Challenge

Students discover the challenges faced by water providers to deliver clean, safe, reliable water to homes and businesses as they design, build, and test their own water filtration systems using common household materials.