Turf Removal Program

The Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC), the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, and your local water agency are proud to offer the Turf Removal Program to qualifying residents and businesses across Orange County. Use 50-70% less water outdoors by replacing thirsty turf grass with beautiful, climate-appropriate landscape!

  • Rebates start at $3 per square foot of turf removed – the savings really adds up!
  • Get paid to transform your landscape and upgrade your outdated irrigation system
  • FREE customized *Design Assistance and **Maintenance programs also available to Turf Removal Program participants!
  • Save water, save money, and save time on maintenance
  • Attractive landscaping increases property values by 6-13%!

    Rebates are limited. Apply today to take advantage of these significant benefits and more!

Terms and Conditions
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Additional Resources

Landscape Design Assistance Program

Transform your landscape with help from experts! MWDOC has collaborated with top landscape designers to create FREE landscape designs for Turf Removal Program participants. Designs are tailored to YOUR property and personal style showcasing plants that thrive in Southern California’s semi-arid climate.

  • FREE landscape design from a qualified professional
  • 1-on-1 onsite landscape design consultation
  • Recommended plant palette
  • Irrigation plan and materials list included!

Limited amount of free assistance so apply today!

Out-of-the-Box Design Plans
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Landscape Maintenance Assistance Program

Maintain your new landscape with professional help! MWDOC offers FREE custom landscape maintenance plans for Turf Removal Program participants to help sustain a beautiful landscape all year long!

  • FREE landscape maintenance guide from a qualified professional
  • 1-on-1 onsite maintenance plan consultation
  • Recommended irrigation controller settings
  • Personalized plant care recommendation for the plants in YOUR landscape

Limited amount of free assistance so apply today!

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