The MWDOC is soliciting proposals from qualified executive search firms interested in serving as Consultant to the Board of Directors in the recruitment and hiring of the District’s General Manager position.

The Board appointed the District’s Assistant General Manager, Mr. Harvey De La Torre, as Interim General Manager as of January 1, 2023. Mr. De La Torre has been with the District since 2008 and was promoted to Assistant General Manager in 2020. The previous General Manager, Mr. Robert Hunter, was selected after a nation-wide search was conducted. He was employed with the District for nine years and held the position of General Manager, until his passing in January 2023.

In the current reporting structure, the Assistant General Manager, Governmental Affairs Manager, Director of Water Use Efficiency, Director of Engineering/District Engineer, Accounting Manager, Director of Human Resources and Administration, Director of Public Affairs, and Director of Emergency Management, report directly to the General Manager
position as the executive management team.

The Board has oversight of the District and appoints the General Manager to handle day-today operations. The General Manager reports directly to the Board. The Board has the power to set rates and establish ordinances and policies. The MWDOC Board of Directors chair and participate on standing committees and are also appointed as District representatives to the Boards of key agencies and commissions in the region.

The General Manager is a full-time, at-will position, accountable to the MWDOC Board of Directors And responsible for the development, implementation, and enforcement of all District policies, procedures, and ordinances, the oversight of all financial, legal, and regulatory activities, and the effective performance of the District’s major functional areas, including but not limited to MWD Representation, Public Affairs, Governmental Affairs, Emergency Management, Water Use Efficiency, Water Loss Control, Water Resources Planning, Finance and Information Systems, and Human Resources and Administration.

The General Manager position requires a strong knowledge of the water industry, key stakeholder groups, current social, political, and economic trends, and operating problems of water districts in California. In addition, the selected candidate for the position shall possess the characteristics of a strong and proven leader and a person of integrity. It is the District’s goal that its General Manager will have the ability to provide resonant leadership and vision to the organization; develop a collaborative working relationship with the Board, staff, member agencies and all other stakeholders and agencies; and work with the Board and the District’s management team to set both short- and long-term goals, set priorities, and deliver on those objectives.

The total number of employees currently stands at 37 full-time and 7 part-time personnel.