Andrea Antony-Morr and Sam Fetter, Water Use Efficiency, MWDOC

Did you know? The base-level rebate for turf grass removal is $3 per square foot with MWDOC’s Turf Removal Program. Using a common sense approach, MWDOC is here to support Orange County residents and businesses in reducing water demands during this drought.

With California facing drought yet again, the Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC) is offering water conservation rebates throughout Orange County to help you use water more efficiently, while also saving money. Rebates are available for a variety of water-efficient landscape programs and water-saving devices for both residential and commercial customers. These programs have helped Orange County save over 160 billion gallons of water over the years, and now is a great time to join in on the water savings! Do your part to help California save water, while also taking advantage of all these great rebates!

MWDOC‘s Turf Removal and Spray-to-Drip Rebate Programs can help you transform your highwater using yard to a water efficient one. Since receiving a new grant from the United States Bureau of Reclamation, the Turf Removal Program’s rebate has increased to a rate of $3 per square foot of turf grass replaced through the program for participants applying on or after 7/1/2021, making now an ideal time participate! Participants of the Turf Removal Program are also eligible to receive a free landscape design plan to help plan for their project, as well as a free landscape maintenance plan to help maintain their beautiful, water-efficient landscape after it has been transformed. The Spray-to-Drip Program offers a rebate of $0.50 per square foot of irrigated area for converting your traditional, high-water-using sprinklers to drip irrigation. The Spray-to-Drip Program can be done on its own or in conjunction with the Turf Removal Program to maximize the water savings and your total rebate. Pre-inspections are required, so please contact MWDOC staff prior to removing your turf or converting your irrigation.

While MWDOC’s comprehensive landscape transformation program can help beautify your property, we also offer rebates on many indoor and outdoor devices. Outdoor device rebates include smart irrigation controllers, soil moisture sensors, high efficiency sprinkler nozzles, and rain barrels. Indoor device rebates are offered for premium high efficiency toilets and high efficiency clothes washers. Information on rebate amounts and other requirements can be found at

When searching for the right products to save water and money, just look for the EPA WaterSense label to be assured that the product meets EPA’s criteria for water efficiency and performance.

MWDOC is here to support Orange County in saving money on water bills, exploring new ways to use water efficiently, and in conserving water during this drought and on into the future.