March Madness is in full swing, but unfortunately the March Miracle rains never arrived. As a result, Governor Brown extended the Emergency Drought Declaration and the State Water Resources Control Board added additional water restrictions to make our limited supplies last as long as possible. This is especially troublesome with the unseasonably warm weather. So while water managers look for water wherever they can find it and consider which new water supplies to develop, we all need to reduce our water use today.

Here are some simple things you can do to tune-up your sprinkler system and make your landscape even more water-efficient:

  • Check for leaks and overspray from your sprinklersImmediately repair broken or mis-aligned sprinkler heads.
  • Limit outdoor watering – Check with your local water agency for applicable watering restrictions.
  • Replace a portion of your lawn with California Friendly plants – Get a rebate of $2 per sq. foot of turf removed.
  • Install a “smart” sprinkler timer and water efficient rotating sprinkler nozzlesRebates are available now!
  • Get a free home water use surveySign up online for your free outdoor (and indoor, if desired) survey with custom water-saving recommendations.

Thanks for doing your part to save water!