Fountain Valley, CA (May 17, 2018) – The City of Huntington Beach Public Works Utilities Division received an innovative water-saving truck, known as the Neutral Output-Discharge Elimination System, through funding provided by the Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC) and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s (MWD) Water Saving Incentive Program (WSIP). The two water districts provide funding opportunities to retail water agencies in an effort to support water efficiency projects that bring new technologies and improvements to existing water systems. MWDOC and MWD provided $46,172 and $95,243, respectively, to Huntington Beach for the truck.

Water retailers, such as the City of Huntington Beach Public Works Utilities Division, are required to flush water out of the distribution system to maintain drinking water quality. During the flushing process, system operators typically open a fire hydrant and discharge a large amount of drinking water into storm drains. The Neutral Output-Discharge Elimination System (NO-DES) eliminates the water waste by running the water through a mobile water treatment process before pumping the water back into the distribution system through a second fire hydrant. Huntington Beach’s NO-DES truck will save more than 158 million gallons over its ten-year life. The $497,119 NO-DES truck was delivered to Huntington Beach in March and is in full operation as of May 1st.

“Huntington Beach’s NO-DES system will save the city more than $29,000 per year,” says Joe Berg, MWDOC Director of Water Use Efficiency. “The annual water savings of more than 15 million gallons is enough water for 146 homes per year.”

MWDOC and MWD collaborate on numerous water efficiency projects throughout Orange County; more information about past, current, and future projects, as well as opportunities like Huntington Beach’s NO-DES truck, is available at