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Hello and welcome to MWDOC’s website,

I hope you find the new website helpful and easy to navigate. Our goal was to focus on you, the website visitor, and make water-related information of interest easily available. Please let us know if we are succeeding or, send us an email with recommendations on how we can improve.

We at the Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC), are committed to providing Orange County with reliable imported water, promoting water use efficiency, and offering sound planning to meet the present and future water needs for all Orange County residents and businesses. MWDOC is Orange County’s steward for water reliability and effective resource management, looking far beyond today to ensure we meet the water demands of the not-so-distant future.

The ever-changing nature of water supplies requires that we be flexible, using the collective assurance of the entire county to protect and enhance our water resources. Our team works with numerous local, state, and federal entities to study potential threats to our water supply and infrastructure, implementing programs that address problems before they arise, to ensure that reliable, clean and healthy drinking water continues to flow from your tap.

MWDOC’s strategic initiatives set forth by our Board of Directors provides direction for staff to offer the best service possible to Orange County residents and their water utilities. MWDOC also advocates the interests of Orange County on The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (Metropolitan) Board, holding key leadership positions that oversee policy development, strategies, and implementation of projects and programs that benefit all Southern Californians.

The staff at MWDOC is committed to safeguarding our water, and look forward to our continued partnerships with residents, businesses and our 27 member agencies to ensure a reliable water future for Orange County.