Drip Irrigation -FAQ

Orange County residents of single family detached homes.

Commercial sites may be able to receive $0.20 per square foot of converted area, with a maximum of 45,000 square feet per customer. Contact Spray-to-Drip@mwdoc.com for more information. The commercial application can be found by clicking here: Online Commercial Application

The installed drip irrigation equipment must be listed on the Eligible Products List. Only drip irrigation equipment on the Eligible Products List will be eligible to receive all rebate. In addition, a minimum of 250 square feet of irrigated area must be converted to drip irrigation. In addition, for each kit a minimum of 250 square feet be converted.

The submission of a purchase receipt(s) and/or contractor invoices, which must include SKU numbers and quantities of the rebate-eligible products purchased.

The participant has the option of receiving the rebate check or signing over the rebate check to the project contractor. This can be done during the online application process or during the online project completion form. A completed signature authorization page must be uploaded.

Yes. Please visit the Turf Removal Program page at ocwatersmart.com or email turfremoval@mwdoc.com for more information on the Turf Removal Program.