The Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC) seeks responses from qualified Respondents interested in a Contract to provide Reliability Planning, Engineering, and Resource Development professional services on an as-needed basis.

It is the intent of MWDOC develop an On-call Technical Services slate of Consultants. MWDOC will award separate Contracts to the highest-scoring Respondents for as-needed services on diverse and multiple projects. Each Contract will have a term of three years, with two one-year options to extend the Contract term. There is no guarantee of a minimum amount of work or compensation for any of the Respondents selected for Contract award.

Work shall be assigned by Contract Service Order (“CSO”) and MWDOC will negotiate the specific scope of services, budget, deliverables, and timeline for each CSO it issues. Each CSO shall include a scope of services, timeline, and a not-to-exceed fee. Respondents should be prepared to provide services for an entire project, several projects, and/or part of a project or for any project phase.

Based on MWDOC’s experience with prior as-needed professional services contracts, several types of professional disciplines and work may be required. Consultants may be required to perform analysis, studies, and investigations; monitor issue progress, prepare reports and preliminary plans; develop cost estimates; negotiate with regulatory agencies; and perform field inspections for various types of issues.

These services are required to address MWDOC’s fluctuating needs when existing MWDOC staff are unavailable to perform such work or when highly specialized expertise is required that current staff does not possess.

REVISED – the revised RFQ includes an additional Area of Focus section for Engineering -Program and Construction Management Services as well as an addition of metering experience as a desired expertise in Section 7 of the Required Responses.