The Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC) is seeking an established Webpage/Software/Database Developer (Consultant) to adapt our existing Platform or develop a new Water Use Efficiency Program Web Based Participant Rebate Processing and Databasing Platform for MWDOC’s Turf Removal Rebate Program and Spray to Drip Rebate Program.

MWDOC invites firms to submit a proposal to provide professional services for the development and delivery and/or the continuation of the current MWDOC Platform. The selected Consultant shall have demonstrated capabilities and experience in the fields of webpage/software/database development to provide a web-based Platform which includes a multiple entry public-facing online program registration/application portal, and a private-facing MWDOC staff, retail water agency administrative, and third-party inspection vendor portal to enable the program administrator (MWDOC) to track participation, communicate with participants, approve applications through a streamlined user interface, and access all captured data through organize data tables, as well as other fields relevant to this work.

Questions for clarification by email only are due by: September 29, 2020