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The Municipal Water District of Orange County strives to provide a variety of services that provide benefit to its stakeholders and constituents. Our efforts focus on sound planning and appropriate investments in water supply development, water use efficiency, public information, legislative advocacy, water education, and emergency preparedness.


Program Overview
The Orange County Water Smart Home Program offers you opportunity to certify your house as a Water Smart Home!

Participating in a free home water survey will score your home’s water use efficiency and identify potential water savings needed. Recommendations will include money- and water-saving rebates and no-cost activities that can help you become more water efficient.

The free surveys can be whole home (indoor and outdoor) or outdoor only.

Program Documents

Program Guidelines

Terms and Conditions

Release and Waiver of Liability


Steps to Participate

  1. Complete and submit a Program application:

    Apply online by clicking here: complete online application
                 -     or     -
    Print, complete, and send via U.S. mail your application by clicking here:
    paper application (no email applications will be accepted)
  1. You will be contacted to schedule your home water survey.
  2. Following the home water survey you will receive a customized Home Water Survey Report. This report will include your Home Water Score.

Need more points to reach Certification?

  1. Choose which recommended improvements/enhancements you want to perform in order to reach your certification threshold.
  2. Submit proof of these home improvements (invoices, receipts, pictures, etc.).
  3. MWDOC will tally your final Home Water Score and send you the final Letter of Decision.

Applicants are highly encouraged to visit and take advantage of our water use efficiency rebates in order to boost your score and get your home certified!


Who can participate?

Orange County residents of single family detached homes.

I am already scheduled for a rebate device inspection, can I participate?

Yes. In fact, you can have this Programs Home Water Survey (whole home or outdoor only) completed at the same time.

Can I participate if I only want an outdoor survey?

Yes. The survey can be performed on the home’s outdoor water use only. You can achieve certification through the outdoor only portion of the Program.

Can I participate if I only want an indoor survey?

No. The survey must include either both outdoor and indoor components or outdoor only.

What are the Certification levels?

Based on final Home Water Score, there are two certification levels – standard and gold.  Certification can be achieved for whole home (outdoor and indoor), or outdoor only, water use efficiency.

What is the Participation Process?

Applications are available online at They can be submitted online or through US mail; no email applications. Once MWDOC receives the completed application, a home water survey will be scheduled within two weeks. Results of your home water survey will be reviews by MWDOC and used to produce your Water Survey Report. This report will include a score that will be calculated based on your indoor and outdoor water results. At this time your score can qualify you for a Water Smart Home Certification. If your home falls short of the minimum score requirements needed for certification, the report will outline indoor and outdoor improvements that should be made in order to reach certification status. If you decide to make the improvements, you will have 60 days to provide the necessary receipts and photos showing the improvements made. Rebates can be accessed for several of the suggested improvements. A final Letter of Decision will be mailed out to you summarizing your water smart suggested improvements, and revealing your final score and certification status. If achieved, you will receive your customized Water Smart Home Certification.