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The Municipal Water District of Orange County strives to provide a variety of services that provide benefit to its stakeholders and constituents. Our efforts focus on sound planning and appropriate investments in water supply development, water use efficiency, public information, legislative advocacy, water education, and emergency preparedness.

In 2013, MWDOC was awarded the American Water Works Association's (AWWA) Public Communications Achievement Award for the Water: Do More with Less campaign. This award recognizes significant accomplishments in communication, such as programs like the Water: Do More with Less campaign that promote awareness and understanding of water issues.

The Water: Do More with Less campaign was developed by MWDOC and the Family of Orange County Water Agencies in an effort to raise water awareness and promote long-term water use efficiency practices within Orange County. One of the primary goals of the campaign is to encourage residents to make simple changes to reduce their water use.

Key strategies employed in the program include guerilla marketing (an unconventional system of promotions that relies on time, energy, and imagination rather than large marketing budgets) and putting water-related messages in unexpected places. The program also focuses on augmenting our member agencies' local efforts by providing them with staff support for their local events.

Another key tenet of the program is the development of strategic partnerships. The program has been very successful in reaching new audiences through collaboration with more than fifteen strategic partners like Hurley, Project Save Our Surf, Live OC, and Inside the Outdoors. The organizations and businesses we work with can also include the 'Water: Do More with Less' tagline in their outreach efforts and promotions.

How the program works is that a team of staff and interns go out into the community and interact with residents about their water use. Armed with conservation literature, water-wise giveaway items, and a wealth of knowledge about water, we staff booths at public events throughout Orange County. At the booth, visitors are asked a water trivia question in exchange for a water-wise giveaway item. By engaging customers in dialogue about our water resources and their water use, we are able to help them understand the scarcity of drinking water and why it must be used wisely. To date, this campaign has reached more than thirty thousand residents and visitors to Orange County, and this number continues to grow each month!

Our Strategic Partners Include:
  • Hurley
  • Volcom
  • Project Save Our Surf
  • Discovery Science Center
  • Inside the Outdoors
  • Orange County Department of Education
  • Water Innovation Now Contest
  • Live OC
  • Sunset Magazine
  • Jamba Juice
  • Paul Mitchell