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The Municipal Water District of Orange County strives to provide a variety of services that provide benefit to its stakeholders and constituents. Our efforts focus on sound planning and appropriate investments in water supply development, water use efficiency, public information, legislative advocacy, water education, and emergency preparedness.

Huntington Beach Water Desalination Facility

Due to uncertainties and risks associated with the availability and cost of imported water, Orange County will benefit from the development of new, local sources of water to ensure long-term water reliability for the region.  Ocean water desalination is just one part of a diverse water portfolio that includes groundwater, recycling and conservation. 

The proposed Huntington Beach Water Desalination Facility (Huntington Beach Facility) would serve as a reliable source of safe drinking water for residents throughout Orange County, and would produce 50-million gallons of water per day (MGD) – enough water for more than 150,000 Orange County households per year.  Once completed, the facility would provide approximately 8% of Orange County’s total water supply.

The proposed facility would utilize the Huntington Beach Generating Station’s existing ocean water intake/outfall infrastructure, which is already operating along Pacific Coast Highway – requiring no additional development into the ocean, and reducing potential construction costs. The proposed Huntington Beach Facility would be built by Poseidon Resources (Poseidon), a U.S.-based company that specializes in developing and financing water infrastructure projects.

The Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC) and 20 local retail water providers are currently evaluating the potential benefits and costs of purchasing water from the Huntington Beach Facility. To date, no binding commitments to purchase water from Poseidon have been made.


Download and Print the Huntington Beach Water Desalination Facility briefing paper here.

News Release: MWDOC Releases Poseidon Draft term sheet for Huntington Beach seawater desalination project

Term Sheet: Proposed Water Reliability Agreement Huntington Beach Seawater Desalination Project

Sample Letter of Intent

Technical Memorandum 1- Capital Cost Estimates: Delivery Capital Cost Estimates for Huntington Beach Desalination
Plant Regional North Delivery Facilities – Phase II


For more information about the Huntington Beach Water Desalination Facility, please email MWDOC Assistant General Manager/District Engineer Karl Seckel or call (714) 593-5024.