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The Municipal Water District of Orange County strives to provide a variety of services that provide benefit to its stakeholders and constituents. Our efforts focus on sound planning and appropriate investments in water supply development, water use efficiency, public information, legislative advocacy, water education, and emergency preparedness.

The Water Use Efficiency Department at the Municipal Water District of Orange County takes pride in providing programs to assist residential homeowners, commercial/industrial business owners, and professional landscapers in reducing the daily amount of water used. Since water is one of the most valuable resources in Southern California, it is very important to use this precious natural resource wisely. Several programs are administered by the Water Use Efficiency Department to assist in the effort of saving water, including the rebate programs listed below.


Water Smart Home Certification Program - Residential Properties
This Program offers owners of single-family detached homes an opportunity to obtain certification as
a "Water Smart Home” through our home water survey program. The home water surveys to target potential water savings both inside and outside of the home. Click here for program guidelines, steps to participate, and information on how to apply.


Turf Removal Program - Residential and Commercial Properties

This program provides financial incentives to qualifying residential and commercial water users who remove turf from their properties. Click here for program guidelines and participation information. 

Water Smart Landscape Program (formerly called the Landscape Performance Certification Program) This program is a FREE water management tool for homeowner associations, landscapers and property managers. Participants in the program use the Internet to track their irrigation meter’s monthly water use and compare it to a custom water budget. Click here for program information.
SoCal Water$mart - Residential and Commercial Rebate Program
This program provides rebates on select water-efficient devices to residents, businesses, and other commercial customers. Devices currently available for rebate include high efficiency clothes washers, rotating sprinkler nozzles, weather-based irrigation controllers, food steamers, ice machines, water brooms, and more. Click here or call (888) 376-3314 for program guidelines, lists of approved devices, rebate applications, and rebate program info.
Water Smart Industrial Program
This program provides technical assistance and cash incentives to local businesses that invest in water saving process improvements. Free technical surveys of industrial operations – including process change recommendations – are available to qualified participants within the MWDOC service area. Click here or call (714) 593-5016 to learn more about this program.
Water Smart Hotel Program
This program provides water use surveys, customized facility reports, and technical assistance to hotels that invest in water use efficiency improvements. Rebates on water saving devices – such as toilets, HVAC equipment, and kitchen and cleaning equipment – are available to qualified participants within the MWDOC service area. Click here or call (714) 593-5015 to learn more about this program.

 Public Spaces - Water Smart Landscape Program
This program provides incentives for water efficient landscape improvement projects at public spaces in South Orange County. The program specifically targets the implementation of comprehensive landscape improvements for publicly owned and other commercial landscape properties. Click here or call (714) 593-5008 to learn more about this program.