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2007 A Year of Opportunity


Winter 2007

Hazard Mitigation Plan Community Meeting

Hazard Mitigation Plan Community Meeting

Newsletter Spotlight

The Orange County      Regional Water and Wastewater Multi-Hazard    Mitigation Plan has been approved by the 20      participating agency    governing boards, the
State Office of Emergency Management and the  Federal Emergency    Management Agency. 

The 2006 calendar year was full of accomplishments for the WEROC staff and its member agencies.  Projects ranging from National Incident Management System training for over 600 utility staff to 20 agencies working together to write the Orange County Regional Water and Wastewater Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan.   Check out the following presentation to see what opportunities exist for the WEROC program in 2007! 

WEROC Presentation

National Incident Management System (NIMS)

NIMS compliance feels like the big threatening federal  monster in the corner, but it really is much easier than many think.  That is not to say that there isn't  plenty of work to be done for each utility to meet  the  compliance guidelines by September 31, 2007.  FEMA has released the 2007 NIMS Guidance for Local Agencies .  In addition, WEROC will be hosting several trainings and workshops to assist agencies with their compliance activities. A multi-page document is attached with the FEMA guidance materials and a flyer for the trainings.

NIMS Documents:

Terms of Reference FEMA Fact Sheet 2007
NIMS Compliance Metrics: Tribal/Local 2007 NIMS Implementation Matrix for Tribal and Local Jurisdictions
2007 NIMS Compliance Training Workshop NIMS Implementation Activity Schedule
NIMS Governors Letter  

Bird Flu ~ Should Water Utilities be concerned?

Nations With Confirmed Cases
H5N1 Avian Influenza (February 2007)


The Bird Flu can not be transmitted through the  water distribution system,  but a pandemic flu of any kind is a concern to all water utilities. Imagine  if the bird flu progressed to a Pandemic and 40 percent of your staff was home sick or taking care of a family member. Could your utility still operate safely and efficiently? Would your primary vendors be available? Ensure the continuity of your utility by being prepared. 

We have provided two resources that can help each utility in their planning.  The first is  FEMA's Pandemic Influenza, Preparedness,  Response and Recovery;  Guide for Critical   Infrastructure and Key Resources, and the second document is a FEMA one-page outline of concepts important to Business Continuity Planning. Lastly, there is a great website with up-to-date Pandemic Flu and Bird Flu information with a link on the left for your convenience.

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